unproductive overtime, anxiety and stress,

conflicts due to lack of communication,

job hopping

are just a few by-products of the

new era of working

People need people. This is a fact.

Even since pandemic forced us out of the office, people have divided into two camps. 

Those who love remote work and those who cannot wait until offices are back in the game.

It is without any doubts that working from anywhere leads to better talent pool, more time for the employee and greener Earth

… it is also well known to affect employees’ well-being, productivity and mental health.

While making work more accessible, we suffered in terms of relationships and sense of community – two important factors in every human life.

The change is particularly drastic if person doesn’t live balanced life and has no family to rely upon.

It is our mission to bring back

human element to work

We are organizing coworking sessions, bringing back the feeling of community

We are teaching people about importance of breaks and healthy lifestyles

We are remote work evangelists.

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