Learn more about productivity, accountability buddies and other psychological tricks that may help you achieve more.

Meanwhile, social pressure is a tool, and it is up to us how we use it. We need to distinguish between negative, excessive toxic pressure and positive pressure that encourages us to pursue achievable goals.

study with me stream

Study with me best channels list. These videos are usually filmed by someone studying for an exam to provide viewers with motivation.

woman with adhd depressed

According to a study, the number of women with ADHD is on the rise. This is causing experts to take a look at how ADHD in Women manifests


The Pomodoro technique is a popular time management strategy for breaking down work into intervals. Usually, these last 25 minutes.

parkinsons law

According to Parkinson’s Law, the time it takes to complete a task is generally proportional to the time that is allotted for the task.

focusmate logo

Focusmate has a great many supporters as well as critics. We present the list of the best Focusmate alternatives

Study with Me is a technique for boosting productivity when learning. It’s also gaining in popularity on YouTube genre where someone film themselves learning in real-time.

If you are an adult with ADHD, there are things you can do to manage ADHD symptoms and improve your quality of life.


Many people didn't get right ADHD diagnosis, although they suffer from problems with concentration, compulsivity, and hyperactivity.

body doubling

Body doubling is a form of treatment that involves having someone next to the person and working on tasks in its presence.


An accountability group is a group who support and encourage each other to achieve their goals.

If you ever paired-up with someone to face repetitive, boring or overhelming task, you probably realized than it’s way easier to make progress in this way than to deal with it alone.

The problem with dopamine is that it gets us hooked on things that give us short-term gratification but not much else: cookies, alcohol and social media are all high in dopamine.

Massive adaptation of the 4 day workweek will not be possible without solutions to make teams more efficient.