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Frequently Asked Questions

What is a coworking session?

Ever wondered why big companies spend so much money on their offices?

Coworking is referring to the time when people work in a shared workspace, such as office. During a coworking time, individuals may be working on their own tasks or projects, but they are doing so in the same space as others. This provides a sense of community and collaboration, as well as opportunities for networking and the exchange of ideas. So called water cooler breaks allow for quick catch-ups between coworkers, giving them space to relax, chat informally and unwind. All of this allows your team grow and motivate on itself, while soaking in your company culture.

Coworking session is the same concept introduced into the digital world. Remote work often lacks the human touch, which makes people build fewer relationships and suffer mentally. They no longer have the opportunity to share ideas randomly and have quick chats. To benefit from both remote work and traditional office approach, you want to set up a digital space where you can share work with your coworkers and build camaraderie. You will work together, chat together, laugh together, and get things done together!

It is important to keep things flexible, allowing people come and go as they please during the designated hours of the coworking space so no remote work benefits are lost.

Coworking session rules are super simple: 

Work on any task you need to get done, it doesn’t have to be the same as others in the session

Take a moment before the deep focus session begins and write down your tasks (goals) for the session

Share your task with others for extra accountability 

After session, take moment to talk about your task, obstacles you encountered (think of this as daily meeting), if there is a blocker and you need help – the coach will assign you a pair to work it through with (the rubber duck method and/or pair programming technique)

After sharing your progress, feel free to finally socialize with people!

If all of this seems a lot to do, do not worry. It is super simple and our consultant will help you introducing the new way of working step by step, fitting the methods to your team preferences and company goals.

What kind of work can be done this way?

Anything, really.

There are some types of work that benefit particularly from the coworking session method, such as programming, writing, learning, and designing. It does not mean other jobs will not enjoy these sessions, just that these are naturally inclined towards them as they probably already used some of these methods in their previous work.

A coworking session can be used successfully for answering e-mails, marketing jobs, and even activities far from computers such as physical activities or cleaning. What is important, is the amount of accountability each member receives, building the sense of community with others and whether they are enjoying the chatting time.

Apart from coworking sessions, we will teach your team members a wide variety of other remote techniques, all fitted into our own Sync & Sprint remote work method. It is up to them to use any of these to increase their own productivity and share their knowledge further.

Why would I need a coach for this?

A coach can help you introduce a new way of thinking into your company culture. Changes are hard. But staying exactly the same, especially in the time of shifting era is extremely harmful to the company. There are more and more companies that are offering remote work and it is becoming the new standard way of working, often expected by the potential job candidates. In recent years there is a growing number of employees leaving because their jobs are forcing them back to office after the pandemic ended. But there is one important thing: remote work is not the same as face to face. It brings many challenges that may be off-putting and tough for newcomers. This is why you may consider looking for help from a battle-tested coach.

Our specialists have experience of working remotely for years, even before the pandemic started. They know the advantages and disadvantages of both working environments. These consultants are here to help you transform your team into a healthy remote-first culture. They want to know your goals and they want the best for you and your team, so their methods are always fitted into your current situation and targets. They will share with you and your team a variety of techniques you can use for increased productivity and better communication. These sessions are designed to be handed over to one of your employees once you reach enough proficiency in remote techniques, but you can choose to stay with your consultant.

Do I need to turn camera and/or mic on?

Our suggested way is to keep both turned off for the deep focus session and to turn on the microphone during the chat break to talk for a few minutes. Some teams prefer to use cameras too so they can see each other’s faces. There are also smaller teams that leave microphones on during the focus session, but it is a matter of preference for the work environment sounds. In the end, it is entirely up to you.

What about confidentiality?

We will never discuss your company or team sessions with anybody else. We take this extremely serious.

Your employees can talk about anything they want, including describing their tasks in details and treating our coach as integral part of their team. They can also describe them as briefly and in generic way as possible (“I’m going to code for the next session”) and treat the coach as external trainer. It does not matter for the techniques at all and is up to you to decide. We will fit the sessions to your decisions and targets and make sure your employees are not asked questions that may expose knowledge you do not want to share with us.

We are happy to sign NDA so you can rest assured knowing your company is in no way going to be harmed.

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